Shanghai’s Preserved Heritage Roads

In 2007, the Shanghai government implemented a plan for the preservation of heritage roads within the city. A total of 144 roads, including lilongs, in 12 historic areas were identified for protection. These included 64 ‘first class roads’ which were ‘never to be widened’ in order to protect both historic buildings and trees.

Preserved Roads (1)

Map detail showing the former French Concession’s preserved heritage roads, “Iconic Shanghai – Streets & Lanes” exhibition, Urban Planning Museum.

“Iconic Shanghai – Streets and Lanes Memory” now on at the Urban Planning Exhibition Center (100 Renmin Avenue, 9am-5pm, Tues-Sun), until October 29, celebrates this decade of preserving not just buildings, but landscape. Maps, scale models, installations, stunning papercut artwork by Li Shoubai of landmark heritage buildings along preserved streets, and historical narratives combine to tell the multi-layered stories of these streets, and the result is a powerful message of why preservation matters in a fast-moving city.

According to Wu Jiang, Chairman of the Urban Planning Society of Shanghai and professor at Tongji University, this pioneering initiative “took Shanghai preservation to the next level.” Professor Wu, then deputy director of the Urban Planning bureau, and the driver of this plan, says that preserving urban historical roads is as important as protecting individual buildings: “A city is the most important means to convey human history and culture, and only by reading and appreciating the entire urban landscape will people truly feel the vitality and nature of a city.”


Papercut of the Picardie Hotel, along Hengshan Road/Avenue Petain, by Li Shoubai.

Yes, it’s imperfect: most of the 64 roads are in the former French Concession, leaving so many other historic treasures vulnerable. Preservation doesn’t seem to include interiors, which can still be destroyed at will.  Egregiously, historic buildings are still being demolished ‘by accident’.  But protection and preservation has to begin somewhere, and these 64 roads are a big part of the reason that – despite all the destruction – Shanghai is the best-preserved city in China.

The Shanghai 64

[Road Name (between which roads)]

1) 衡山路(天平路-桃江路)
Hengshan Road (Tianping Road – Taojiang Road)

2) 霍山路(东大名路-临潼路)
Huoshan Road (East Daming Road – Lintong Road)

3) 愚园路(定西路-乌鲁木齐北路)
Yuyuan Road (Dingxi Road – Urumqi Road)

4) 康平路(华山路-高安路)
Kang Ping Road (Huashan Road – Gao Road)

5) 思南路(淮海中路-建国中路)
Sinan Road (Huaihai Road – Jianguo Road)

6) 永福路(五原路-湖南路)
Yongfu Road (Wuyuan Road – Hunan Road)

7) 太原路(汾阳路-建国西路)
Taiyuan Road (Fenyang Road – Jianguo West Road)

8) 东平路(乌鲁木齐南路-岳阳路)
Dongping Road (Urumqi South Road – Yueyang Road)

9) 新华路(定西路-番禺路)
Xinhua Road (Dingxi Road – Panyu Road)

10) 皋兰路(瑞金二路-思南路)
Gao Lan Road (Ruijin Second Road – Sinan Road)

11) 舟山路(昆明路-霍山路)
Zhoushan Road (Kunming Road – Huoshan Road)

12) 高邮路(复兴西路-湖南路)
Gaoyou Road (Fuxing West Road – Hunan Road)

13) 余庆路(淮海中路-衡山路)
Yuqing Road (Huaihai Road – Hengshan Road)

14) 乌鲁木齐南路(淮海中路-建国西路)
Urumqi South Road (Huaihai Road – Jianguo West Road)

15) 雁荡路(淮海中路-南昌路)
Yandang Road (Huaihai Road – Nanchang Road)

16) 高安路(淮海中路-建国西路)
Gao’an Road (Huaihai Middle Road – Jianguo West Road)

17) 香山路(瑞金二路-思南路)
Xiangshan Road (Ruijin Second Road – Sinan Road)

18) 宛平路(淮海中路-衡山路)
Wanping Road (Huaihai Road – Hengshan Road)

Xinle Road (Fumin Road – South Shaanxi Road)

Huaihai Road (Urumqi Road – Chongqing South Road)

21) 桃江路(乌鲁木齐南路-岳阳路)
Taojiang Road (Urumqi South Road – Yueyang Road)

East Lake Road (Changle Road – Huaihai Road)

23) 汾阳路(淮海中路-岳阳路)
Fenyang Road (Huaihai Road – Yueyang Road)

Wuyuan Road (Wukang Road – Changshu Road)

Jianguo West Road (Hengshan Road – Yueyang Road)

Wuyi Road (Dingxi Road – West Yan’an Road)

Beijing West Road (Jiaozhou Road – Jiangning Road)

Fuxing Road – Fuxing Road (Huashan Road – Chongqing South Road)

29) 湖南路(华山路-淮海中路)
Hunan Road (Huashan Road – Huaihai Road)

30) 安亭路(建国西路-永嘉路)
Anting Road (Jianguo West Road – Yongjia Road)

Yongjia Road (Hengshan Road – South Shaanxi Road)


Shaanxi North Road (Xinzha Road – Nanyang Road)

Maoming North Road (Nanjing West Road – Weihai Road)

Sweet Love Road (sweet love apartment – North Sichuan Road)

Liyang Road (North Sichuan Road – Baoan Road)

Shan Yin Road – Cheung Tak Road (North Sichuan Road – Ouyang Road)

Wukang Road (Huashan Road – Huaihai Road)

Xingguo Road (Huashan Road – Huaihai Road)

39) 泰安路(华山路-武康路)
Tai’an Road (Huashan Road – Wukang Road)


Yanqing Road (Changshu Road – East Lake Road)

41) 富民路(东湖路-巨鹿路)
Fumin Road (East Lake Road – Julu Road)

42) 南京东路-南京西路(黄陂北路-浙江中路)
Nanjing East Road – Nanjing West Road (Huangpi Road – Zhejiang Road)

43) 岳阳路(汾阳路-肇嘉浜路)
Yueyang Road (Fenyang Road – Zhaojiabang Road)

44) 汉口路(山东一路-西藏中路)
Hankou Road (Shandong Road – Tibet Road)

45) 福州路(河南中路-中山东一路)
Fuzhou Road (Henan Road – Zhongshan East Road)

46) 九江路(中山东一路-南京西路饔河路口)
Jiujiang Road (Zhongshan East Road  – Nanjing West Road, River junction)

47) 广元路(华山路-衡山路)
Guangyuan Road (Huashan Road – Hengshan Road)

48) 北京东路(河南中路-中山东一路)
Beijing East Road (Henan Road – Zhongshan East Road)

49) 南京东路 (江西中路-中山东一路)
Nanjing East Road (Jiangxi Road – Zhongshan East Road)

50) 华山路(常熟路-兴国路)
Huashan Road (Changshu Road – Xingguo Road)

51) 香港路(江西中路-圆明园路)
Hong Kong Road (Jiangxi Road – Yuanmingyuan Road)

Daming Road – Zhongshan East Road (Wuchang Road – Yan’an Road)

53) 滇池路(四川中路-中山东一路)
Dianchi Road (Sichuan Road – Zhongshan East Road)

54) 虹桥路(环西大道-古北路)
Hongqiao Road (West Central Avenue – Gubei Road)

55) 惠民路(杨树浦路-临潼路)
Huimin Road (Yangshupu Road – Lintong Road)

Julu Road (Changshu Road – South Shaanxi Road)

57) 虎丘路-乍浦路(北苏州路-北京东路)
Huqiu Road – Zhapu Road (North Suzhou Road – Beijing East Road)

Guangdong Road (Jiangxi Road – all the way in Shandong)

North Sichuan Road – Sichuan Road (Tiantong Road – Yan’an Road)

Jiangxi Road (South Suzhou Road – Guangdong Road)

Huating Road (Changle Road – Huaihai Road)

North Suzhou Road – Huangpu Road (Henan North Road – Wuchang Road)

Changle Road (Changshu Road – Shaanxi Road)

Yuanmingyuan Road (South Suzhou Road – Dianchi Road)


Preserved roads: Contemporary names and pre-1949 names.


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