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Conversations: Researching Old Shanghai with Greg Leck

Greg Leck, author of  Captives of Empire,  will speak to Historic Shanghai on September 14, 2014 on the topic of researching ...

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The Evolution of Shanghai Fashion

Shanghai has long been considered a cosmopolitan city, China's hub of East-meets-West cultural exchange, open to new and foreign ...

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Old Shanghai

The Jewish Ghetto & The Final Solution  Shanghai had been home to a substantial Jewish population since foreigners first ...

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Mr. Pan & the Culty Dairy

The Culty Dairy was a fixture in old Shanghai. The Dairy's Ayrshire cows provided fresh milk and cream to Shanghai, delivered in rickshaws. The Dairy continued operating into the 1950s, when it became the Bright Dairy. The buildings remained on the site into the 1990s, when the Shanghai Library was ...


Yankee Journalists in Old China

Yes, the British led the imperialist charge into China in the mid-1800s, and yes, they were at the forefront in economics, politics and horse-racing in old Shanghai. But the Americans were never far behind, and in the field of journalism, the Yankees more than held their own. Or at least that is how ...

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The Astoria Confectionary & Tea-Room

When Kyriaco Dimitriades arrived in Shanghai in the 1920s, he was young, ambitious and ready to make his fortune. When he left, in 1949, he had created an icon: the Astoria Confectionary & Tea-Room, which sold bread, pastries and the city's most gorgeous wedding cakes. His daughter, Daphne Skillen, ...