Bookshelf: Death in Shanghai

MJ Lee’s Death in Shanghai is a delicious crime novel set in old Shanghai. Terrific plot, great characters, superb writing – and oh, the historical detail! It truly brings old Shanghai to life, infusing the characters, and even the crime. We wanted to know more, and author Martin Lee obliged us with an ...

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The Interview: Katya Knyazeva on Shanghai’s Old Town

The original Shanghai – the “old town” – is hidden in plain sight, in center of China’s wealthiest city. Yet it is but a shadow, unexplored territory for both foreigners and locals. And it's vanishing quickly. Journalist, photographer, and tour guide Katya Knyazeva has spent six years painstakingly documenting the ...


THE INTERVIEW: Patricia Luce Chapman – An American Girl in Wartime Shanghai

Patricia Luce Chapman, the author of Tea on the Great Wall: An American Girl in War-Torn China was born in Shanghai in 1926 to a journalist mother and businessman father, and grew up here during a time that was both glamorous and difficult. She lived on Columbia Circle in a house designed by Hudec, went to Victor ...


THE INTERVIEW: Lives in the Longtangs with Jie Li

Jie Li, author of Shanghai Homes: Palimpsests of Private Life, has a unique insight into the lives within the longtangs: this is where her parents and grandparents lived, and where she spent her childhood. On December 6, she will speak to Historic Shanghai about her book, part microhistory, part memoir, salvaging intimate ...


THE INTERVIEW: Researching Old Shanghai with Greg Leck

Greg Leck, author of  Captives of Empire,  will speak to Historic Shanghai on September 14, 2014 on the topic of researching Shanghai abroad. Dr. Leck, a veterinarian who lives in Pennsylvania, answered a few of our questions about his books, his research and his inspiration. Captives of Empire is the authoritative ...

Culty Dairy building - edit

Mr. Pan & the Culty Dairy

The Culty Dairy was a fixture in old Shanghai, and yet not much is known about it today. The Dairy's Ayrshire cows provided fresh milk and cream to Shanghai, delivered in rickshaws. The Dairy continued operating into the 1950s, when it became the Bright Dairy, and the buildings remained into the 1990s, when the Shanghai ...