Concession Era
George V coronation 1911-edited

British Royals & Shanghai

With Prince William visiting Shanghai this week, we thought it was an opportune moment to look back at royal visits to Shanghai in history. It didn't start off auspiciously ... [caption id="attachment_423" align="alignnone" width="669"] Prince William meeting with students at Nanyang Secondary School in ...


Columbia Country Club

The swimming pool is still, a lone leaf skittering across its mirrored surface. In the ballroom, the ghosts of glamorous couples fox trot and waltz out onto the verandah. Listen carefully in the empty bowling alley, and you might hear the whispers of those who crowded in here when it was a Japanese internment camp. You ...


Historic Shanghai’s Best Books, 2014

  Night in Shanghai by Nicole Mones   Talented China fiction writer Nicole Mones turns her attention to Shanghai with this delightful tale of 1930s Shanghai, starring musician Thomas Greene who arrives from segregated Baltimore to find wealth, position, and love—only to have his life changed forever ...


The Shanghai Paper Hunt

"In the beginning, as we can well understand, means of recreation were somewhat limited. Indeed, an old resident has described wheelbarrow races up and down the Bund as an after dinner amusement on summer evenings!"4 When foreigners arrived in old Shanghai, they found themselves with rather an excess of free time. ...

Ayrshire Cow - edit

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Old Shanghai

The Jewish Ghetto & The Final Solution  Shanghai had been home to a substantial Jewish population since foreigners first started arriving at its ports. There were multiple waves of Jewish immigration into Shanghai – Sephardic Jewish traders from the Middle East arrived starting in the 1840s, and European Jews, ...