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The Interview: Katya Knyazeva on Shanghai’s Old Town

The original Shanghai – the “old town” – is hidden in plain sight, in center of China’s wealthiest city. Yet it is but a shadow, unexplored territory for both foreigners and locals. And it's vanishing quickly. Journalist, photographer, and tour guide Katya Knyazeva has spent six years ...

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Historic Shanghai’s Year in Review 2015

A look back on the tours, the talks, and that splendiferous World Congress on Art Deco that made up our 2015. [caption id="attachment_632" align="alignleft" width="255"] Stained glass dragon at the T'ou-se-wei orphanage, seen on our Easter Walking tour.[/caption] The Year in Numbers  14 ...

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Shanghai Synagogue: The House of Rachel

Jacob Sassoon built an empire in old Shanghai, but his sweetest legacy is the temple he built for his wife. The Sassoon family made their fortune in Shanghai: everyone knows that. It was Sassoon money that built so many of Shanghai’s landmarks: the Peace Hotel; Grosvenor House; the Metropole – ...

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Historic Shanghai’s Best Books of 2015

Our annual roundup of the year's best books on Shanghai's history. 2015 has produced an exceptional crop of books -- several that have been in the works for many years, by authors with impeccable Shanghai creds, and an unparalleled knowledge of Shanghai history. Instant classics! When True Love Came ...


THE INTERVIEW: Patricia Luce Chapman – An American Girl in Wartime Shanghai

Patricia Luce Chapman, the author of Tea on the Great Wall: An American Girl in War-Torn China was born in Shanghai in 1926 to a journalist mother and businessman father, and grew up here during a time that was both glamorous and difficult. She lived on Columbia Circle in a house designed by Hudec, ...

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British Royals & Shanghai

With Prince William visiting Shanghai this week, we thought it was an opportune moment to look back at royal visits to Shanghai in history. It didn't start off auspiciously ... [caption id="attachment_423" align="alignnone" width="669"] Prince William meeting with students at Nanyang Secondary ...


Columbia Country Club

The swimming pool is still, a lone leaf skittering across its mirrored surface. In the ballroom, the ghosts of glamorous couples fox trot and waltz out onto the verandah. Listen carefully in the empty bowling alley, and you might hear the whispers of those who crowded in here when it was a Japanese ...