Historic Shanghai Year in Review 2017

A look back at the last 12 months of walking through Shanghai’s storied history: the walks, the talks, the tours, the films, the cocktails, and an Art Deco weekend, too.


2017 highlights included our springtime jaunt to Xiamen, the treaty port formerly known as Amoy, for a fabulous  Amoy Art Deco Weekend. We visited classical Chinese gardens, strolled Wukang Lu with wine, and explored Avenue HaigRoute Frelupt, and the architecture of Leonard, Veysseyre & Kruze. We explored hidden temples and revolutionsacred Shanghai and Americans in old Shanghai, and the changing neighborhoods of Yangpu. We celebrated the reopening of the Paramount and the Great World (though both get the thumbs-down for interiors) with a nightclub tour of old Shanghai and vintage cocktails. We mourned the imminent passing of the Laoximen section of the old city with two walks through that rich, layered neighborhood. Linda Johnson hosted old Shanghai film weekends and we heard from a host of fascinating speakers on topics from culinary history to 1930s artistsHudecArt Deco department stores and more.

The Year in Numbers

  • 24 walks
  • 9 talks
  • 2 film weekends
  • 1 Art Deco weekend


WALK: Hidden Temples at Chinese New Year

TALK: Ruth’s Record: The Diary of an American in Japanese-Occupied Shanghai 1941-45 with Betty Barr


Betty Barr


Avenue Haig, Parts 1 & 2


WALK: Classical Gardens of Shanghai: Guyi Gardens

TALK: Two Views of Japanese-Occupied Shanghai with Keiko Itoh & Betty Barr

TALK: Tess Johnston: 35 Years in Shanghai: from Mao Suits & Bicycles to YSL & Lamborghinis

ART DECO WEEKEND: Amoy Art Deco Weekend

classical gardens

Classical gardens of Shanghai – Guyi Gardens


FILM: Devils on the Doorstep set in 1944 in Japanese-occupied Hebei

QING MING WALK: The Lost Foreigners Cemetery 

EASTER WALK: Jesuits of Siccawei

BOOK TALK: Art Deco Department Stores of Shanghai – the Chinese-Australian connection with Peter Hack

WALK: Workers of the World Unite! The Revolutionary Shanghai Walk


Jesuits of Shanghai walk


TALK: How the Palmier Became Shanghainese~Culinary Memories of Displacement & Belonging

WALK: A Frenchtown Stroll with Leonard, Veysseyre & Kruze

WALK: Classical Chinese Garden: Zuibaichi

TALK: China’s van Gogh: Who is Liu Haisu?with Gretchen Liu


FILM: Men in the Movies

TALK: How Hudec Came to China – The Story of Austro Hungarian Refugee Soldiers in China with Mátyás Mervay

WALK: Nightclubs of Old Shanghai

WALK: Yangpu: Heritage & Regeneration in Shanghai’s old Industrial Heartland with Duncan Hewitt


Yangpu walk with Duncan Hewitt


WALK: Americans in Old Shanghai – The Independence Day Walk


WALK: Deco After Dark

WALK: Art Deco in the Old Chinese City



WALK: Art Deco on Bubbling Well Road

TALK: What’s for Tiffin? Restaurants in Old Shanghai with Bill Savadove

WALK: Secrets of Route Frelupt


WALK: Revolutionary Shanghai

WALK: Qiuxiapu: Garden of the Autumn Dew

TALK: Hudec: The Making of the Book


WALK: Wukang Lu Wine Walk

WALK: Art Deco Behind the Bund

WALK: Discovering Jewish Shanghai

marble hall

Discovering Jewish Shanghai


WALK: Merry Bund Walk ~ stroll down the Christmas-bedecked Bund

WALK: Sacred Shanghai IV ~ the churches of old Shanghai

WALK: Laoximen 1 & 2 ~ a last look at Laoximen, in the old Chinese city, before it’s demolished

xmas walk

Merry Bund walk




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