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“Best tours to take in Shanghai” — Culture Trip

“50 Reasons why Shanghai is the World’s Greatest City – #28: Historic Shanghai” — CNN 

Historic Shanghai’s celebrated walking tours take you into old Shanghai: the architecture, the history, the stories, the characters. We walk the lane neighborhoods and meet residents, meander through the former French Concession, the old Chinese city, the International Settlement, and even a lost Chinese Art Deco city. If you’re looking for the traces of a family member who lived in pre-1949 Shanghai, we can help with that, too. Private tours start at RMB 2500 for two.

For inquiries and bookings: info@historic-shanghai.com

QXL-Team Photo

Outside a Shanghai lane neighborhood, or lilong, with Qiu Xiaolong, author of the Inspector Chen series, who lived here as a child.

Private and Custom Tours

Former French Concession ~ Explore the legacy of the French in old Shanghai: the plane-tree lined streets, grand mansions and Art Deco apartment houses; historic schools and churches, and hear the stories of great contributions … and infamous scandals.

Discover Shanghai Art Deco – Shanghai has more Art Deco architecture than any other city in the world,  found everywhere from mansions to apartments, lanehouses to fire hydrants – and even a lost Chinese Art Deco city. Come and see the city’s finest Art Deco treasures, and find out why Art Deco resonated so much with Shanghai then – and why it has had a 21st century revival. Who better to guide you than the group that hosted the World Congress on Art Deco Shanghai in 2015? For a list of Art Deco tours, click here.

The Bund and Beyond ~ Shanghai’s most famous boulevard is jam-packed with stunning buildings and fascinating stories – and even more so on the surrounding streets. This tour explores the neighborhood in and around what was once “Shanghai’s Wall Street”, the tales of tycoons who financed it, and the architects who designed it.

Inside the Lilong ~ Join us on a walk through the lane neighborhoods, or lilong, of Shanghai. Shanghai’s traditional domestic architecture is a classically Shanghai mix of east and west,  within whose communities was the soul of a uniquely Shanghai way of life that continues to define the Shanghai character. These lilongs are rapidly vanishing, so come walk them while we still can!

Sacred Shanghai ~ Get a peek into the rich, vibrant spiritual life of old Shanghai through its sacred buildings ~ from Baptist churches to Taoist temples, mosques, nunneries, and shrines, undiscovered gems and famous sites.

Old Chinese City ~ The Chinese city was the “original Shanghai”: it was Shanghai before the foreigners came, and even after  their arrival, this area remained a Chinese enclave. There is still so much here, fascinating old neighborhoods and traditions, temples and guild halls, ancient gardens, and more. But the old part of the Old City is one of the fastest-disappearing sections of Shanghai – come and see it before it’s all replaced by shiny malls.

Jewish Shanghai ~ visit the former synagogue, now the refugee museum, the refugee neighborhoods, and hear the remarkable stories of the Jews of Shanghai in the old Jewish quarter.

Revolutionary Shanghai ~ A walk through the epic drama of China’s 20th century and Shanghai’s role in that drama. The “Revolutionary Shanghai” walk will provide juicy stories from this incredible saga, with twists and turns so startling that no writer of fiction could ever have invented them. On this  tour, we’ll visit several sites associated with some of the major events and leading actors in revolutionary China, famous and not so famous, landmarks and hidden stories.

Jesuits of Siccawei ~ A walk in the former Jesuit enclave of Xujiahui, where the church, library, observatory, seminary and orphanage still stand as a legacy of this Catholic order whose influence is still felt today, in science, western art, education, and religion.

Nightclubs of Old Shanghai ~  visit some of the remaining nightspots of old Shanghai, hear the stories that have made them legend, and finish up with a vintage Shanghai cocktail.

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