Historic Shanghai Tours

Historic Shanghai’s celebrated walking tours take you into old Shanghai: the architecture, the history, the stories, the characters. We walk the lane neighborhoods and meet residents, meander through the former French Concession, the old Chinese city, the International Settlement, and even a lost Chinese Art Deco city. 

Join us on one of our regular monthly tours – for information, click here – or contact us about private and custom tours. If you’re looking for the home of a family member who lived in pre-1949 Shanghai, we can help with that, too.

For inquiries and bookings: info@historic-shanghai.com

QXL-Team Photo

Outside a Shanghai lane neighborhood, or lilong, with Qiu Xiaolong, author of the Inspector Chen series, who lived here as a child.

Private and Custom Tours

Former French Concession ~ Explore the plane-tree lined streets, grand mansions and Art Deco apartment houses of the former French Concession.

Shanghai Art Deco – for tours of the city’s Art Deco by the group that hosted the World Congress on Art Deco, click here.

The Bund and Beyond ~ the stories of the buildings along the boulevard that is Shanghai’s signature sight.

Sacred Shanghai ~ the historic temples, mosques, and churches of old Shanghai.

Old Chinese City ~ the fascinating neighborhoods, temples, and guild halls, in the “original Shanghai”.

Hidden Hongkew ~ the former synagogue, now the refugee museum, and refugee neighborhoods in Shanghai’s old Jewish quarter.

Revolutionary Shanghai ~ the places, people, and ideas that fomented revolution.

Nightclubs of Old Shanghai ~  visit some of the remaining nightspots of old Shanghai, hear the stories that have made them legend, and finish up with a vintage Shanghai cocktail.

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