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Saturday August 5, 7pm /WALK: Deco After Dark RMB 200 (members) RMB 300 (nonmembers), includes a cocktail. RSVP for meeting point: info@historic-shanghai.com

Saturday August 12, 10am/WALK: Art Deco in the Old Chinese City  RMB 150 members, RMB 250 nonmembers RSVPinfo@historic-shanghai.com


Saturday August 5, 7pm /WALK: Deco After Dark RMB 200 (members) RMB 300 (nonmembers), includes a cocktail. RSVP : info@historic-shanghai.com

Broadway Mansions_Deco Dark

Hot summer nights, cool Shanghai Deco. Everything looks different at night, and Shanghai’s Art Deco is no exception. Join us for a dazzling look at Shanghai’s Art Deco buildings by night, all dramatically lit up. From Broadway Mansions to the Bund, from the wild neon of Nanjing Lu to the Park Hotel, we’ll share stories of Shanghai nightlife in the the good old, bad old days of old Shanghai, and finish up with a cocktail (included in the price).

Saturday August 12, 10am/WALK: Art Deco in the Old Chinese City  RMB 150 members, RMB 250 nonmembers RSVP : info@historic-shanghai.com

Old Chinese City Art Deco Walk

Hidden away in Shanghai’s old Chinese city lies a remarkable cache of Art Deco buildings and lane neighborhoods, many of them unlike anything else in cosmopolitan Shanghai. Old City Art Deco features western motifs on Chinese lanes; Chinese design elements on western-style houses, and delightful modernist hybrids. Come wander the atmospheric old lanes with us, before it all gets bulldozed into oblivion.

ARCHITECTURAL WALKS GUIDEBOOK: Final Five: The Where’s Where of the Who’s Who of Old Shanghai is the final guidebook in Tess Johnston’s series of walking guides in historical Shanghai neighborhoods. For information and to order, click here

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