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Historic Shanghai Year in Review 2017

A look back at the last 12 months of walking through Shanghai’s storied history: the walks, the talks, the tours, the films, the cocktails, and an Art Deco weekend, too. 2017 highlights included our springtime jaunt to Xiamen, the treaty port formerly known as Amoy, for a fabulous  Amoy Art Deco Weekend. We ...

Langston Hughes

Roar, China! Langston Hughes in Shanghai

When Langston Hughes, the poet laureate of the Harlem Renaissance, visited Shanghai in 1934, he found it not unlike his home country. With barbed wire and guards separating the International Settlement and French Concession from the Chinese sections of Shanghai, and with American race laws (i.e. segregation) applying in the ...


Bookshelf: Death in Shanghai

MJ Lee’s Death in Shanghai is a delicious crime novel set in old Shanghai. Terrific plot, great characters, superb writing – and oh, the historical detail! It truly brings old Shanghai to life, infusing the characters, and even the crime. We wanted to know more, and author Martin Lee obliged us with an ...

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Historic Shanghai’s Year in Review 2015

A look back on the tours, the talks, and that splendiferous World Congress on Art Deco that made up our 2015. [caption id="attachment_632" align="alignleft" width="255"] Stained glass dragon at the T'ou-se-wei orphanage, seen on our Easter Walking tour.[/caption] The Year in Numbers  14 tours 25 World Congress ...

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Historic Shanghai’s Best Books of 2015

Our annual roundup of the year's best books on Shanghai's history. 2015 has produced an exceptional crop of books -- several that have been in the works for many years, by authors with impeccable Shanghai creds, and an unparalleled knowledge of Shanghai history. Instant classics! When True Love Came to China, Lynn ...

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The Evolution of Shanghai Fashion

Shanghai has long been considered a cosmopolitan city, China's hub of East-meets-West cultural exchange, open to new and foreign ideas, inventions, and even clothing. The rapid modernization and 'opening up' of China during the first half of the twentieth century influenced the ways in which the people of Shanghai presented ...