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Patrick Cranley is president of Historic Shanghai , which he co-founded in 1998 with Tina Kanagaratnam and Tess Johnston. A native of Baltimore, USA, he has been a student of Chinese affairs for more than thirty years, and has lived in China for two decades.

A frequent speaker on Shanghai history, architecture, society and business, Patrick has also written for dozens of newspapers and magazines worldwide,and has authored chapters in Insight Guide ShanghaiStill More Shanghai Walks, Final Five Walks, and Step by Step Shanghai. His collection of Shanghai Art Deco furniture was featured in Shanghai Style by celebrated author Lynn Pan. His historic and architectural tours of Shanghai are recommended by Condé Nast Traveler; Luxe Guide to Shanghai; Nota Bene; Departures magazine; and by a number of top-tier travel companies.

Patrick holds degrees from Brown University, the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan, and the Ross School of Business and certificates from the University of Dijon and the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies. He is the managing director of PR agency AsiaMedia.

Twitter: @cranmoore / Instagram: cranmoore


In 1998, Tina co-founded Historic Shanghai, to answer all the questions this cosmopolitan city raises about the people, places and ideas that created it.

A former features editor at the Shanghai Daily, Tina wrote a regular column on Shanghai’s historic buildings for the paper. Her books include a walking tour guide to historic buildings and Insight Guides Shanghai.

Tina holds a B.A. in International Relations from American University and a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University. When she’s not traipsing into old buildings, or obsessively collecting Shanghai Art Deco, she’s CEO of PR agency AsiaMedia.

Twitter: @TMK_TinaManiK / Instagram: tinamani


Amandari Kanagaratnam is no stranger to Shanghai’s unique history – she grew up in the French Concession, as part of the first generation of foreign “Shanghai kids” since 1949. A newly minted Anthropology major from Georgetown University now working in New York City, she likes to remind people that there is more to history than just the buildings.

Amandari is Historic Shanghai’s in-house tech support – she created the website and runs the YouTube channel. Her goal is to bring Historic Shanghai – and its extensive archive of dusty tomes, yellowing maps, and buckets of black-and-white photographs found at the antique market – into the digital age.

Twitter: @amandari_k / Instagram: amandarik / Blog: homesweetairport.wordpress.com

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